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Dec 17, 2023 - Mar 10, 2024

Balanced Professional Pathways

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​Embark on a transformative journey with "Balanced Professional Pathways," a meticulously curated program designed to elevate your professional prowess and personal wellbeing. Dive into the art of distinctive personal and business branding, master the intricacies of digital marketing strategies, and fine-tune your strategic and organizational skills. This course not only equips you with exclusive AI insights for business innovation but also guides you towards achieving a harmonious work-life balance. Through interactive workshops and a supportive community, unlock a new realm of growth and resilience, ensuring you thrive in today's dynamic professional landscape. Course Frame Work: 12 Weeks / Begins December 17, 2023. Week By Week Course Work: Week 1-3: Personal/Business Branding Week 4-6: Marketing Strategies Week 7-9: Planning and Structure Week 10-12: Balance and Mental Wellness Weekly Activities & Workshop Focus: Week 1 (Dec 17 - Dec 23): Defining Your Brand Week 2 (Dec 24 - Dec 30): Visual Branding and Online Presence Week 3 (Dec 31 - Jan 6): Consistency in Brand Messaging Week 4 (Jan 7 - Jan 13): Understanding Your Market Week 5 (Jan 14 - Jan 20): Marketing Channels and Techniques Week 6 (Jan 21 - Jan 27): Developing a Marketing Plan Week 7 (Jan 28 - Feb 3): Goal Setting and Strategic Planning Week 8 (Feb 4 - Feb 10): Organizational Structure and Efficiency Week 9 (Feb 11 - Feb 17): Measuring Success and Making Adjustments Week 10 (Feb 18 - Feb 24): Work-Life Balance Week 11 (Feb 25 - Mar 3): Building Resilience Week 12 (Mar 4 - Mar 10): Maintaining Mental Wellness

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Balanced Professional Pathways

Balanced Professional Pathways

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