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Unlock Your Potential, Balance Your Life

Join the journey to harmonize your professional achievements with personal well-being.

At Structure Innovations, we guide ambitious professionals to lead fulfilled lives. Our unique coaching approach blends career success with personal happiness.

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Violette Murillo

Melissa somehow knew exactly what I needed and how to approach me in a way where it felt comfortable. She let me be completely open and vulnerable. My attitude at home, work an in general life reflected a more positive mindset. It just had me feeling happier in general. Teaching me in the process that food became a comfort habit. Building better habits now! (I even carry around a little scale now) and I've been less bloated and more energetic!

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Rene Garces

I recently decided to make a career change but was having trouble organizing my thoughts and finding clear and concise next steps to achieve my goals. Melissa helped me not only find my path but showed me how I myself can analyze, break down, and organize my next steps for everything I do in my life. I see everything in a completely different way now and feel like everything I set my mind to is achievable. 

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Natalie Lara

Melissa is the most real & down to earth life coach!!! From day 1 she has been all in and fully invested in my growth. When I met her I had been struggling with my anxiety for about 6 months and it was really taking a toll on me. I couldn’t focus on anything because I had so many mental blocks affecting my decision making. I would get tension headaches so bad that I had to take breaks from work because it would literally hurt to think. After dealing with this on my own for so long it put me in a negative space because as much as I tried, I couldn’t snap out of it on my own. I finally opened up to a friend who introduced me to Melissa and I was open to a life coach but I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve been working with her for a few months, and I’m feeling like myself again...

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Our Mission

We are a leadership coaching company. We help ambitious and overwhelmed individuals become leaders of their own lives and focus on their mental health. We help individuals create the vision, alignment, and execution they need to drive unimaginable results without compromising their most important values.

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