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Structured & Smiling:
Our Flagship Program

This flagship program focuses on personalized coaching, health and wellness, and career growth strategies to help you thrive in every aspect of life.

Structured & Smiling:
Latina Mamas

Latina Mamas is designed for Latina mothers, balancing family, career, and personal growth. Join our Women's Empowerment events throughout the summer, leading to the launch of live groups in August 2024.

Elite 1:1 Business Coaching

A premium program offering personalized mentorship for individuals aiming for significant impacts in their careers or businesses. Work with experienced mentors to overcome unique challenges and accelerate your journey toward success.

Structured & Smiling:

Foundations is perfect for those new to personal development or seeking a refresher on key life skills. Explore emotional intelligence, stress management, and resilience-building to lay a solid foundation for success.

Balanced Professional Pathways (BPP)

This group program is for professionals seeking career growth without sacrificing work-life balance. Learn strategies for leadership, productivity, and workplace wellness to find success while maintaining harmony in your personal life.

1:1 Life Coaching

Our 1:1 Life Coaching provides personalized sessions to help you navigate life's challenges and build a path to success. Get the support you need from experienced coaches dedicated to helping you thrive.


In addition to our group programs, we offer a variety of resources to support your personal and professional development.


These resources are designed to inspire and guide you on your journey.


Find inspiration and information with our blog, which shares articles on personal development, career growth, and wellness. Stay updated with tips, success stories, and practical advice.

Podcast recording setup with a microphone and headphones on a table, representing the 'Str


Structuring Chaotic Minds

This podcast offers insights into personal and professional development. Hosted by Melissa Franklin, it explores topics like productivity, personal growth, and overcoming life's challenges.

You Tube Channel

A YouTube channel is coming soon to offer engaging video content on personal development, career advice, and more.


When I first connected with Structure Innovations, I felt overwhelmed by the challenge of finding a job that aligned with my dream of traveling the country in an RV with my husband. After just two sessions, I experienced a significant shift in perspective, allowing me to navigate my career transition with renewed focus and hope. This journey wasn't just about finding employment—it was about redefining my purpose and aligning my professional endeavors with my personal dreams. With the right support, self-reflection, and clarity of purpose, the path to fulfillment, both personally and professionally, became not just visible but achievable.

Anabel Rivas, MBA
Balanced Professional Pathways Client

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